Who is Ida?

Ida Kurniawan, born in Indonesia, is a self taught sculptor who is involved in the dutch art industry for several years.

After a creative search, she has molded herself as a scultptor who aims for a combination of perfection and emotions. Before becoming scultpor she has practised several different forms of imaging art.

“The thing I love about bronze is that it can immortalize my emotions and feelings into a sculpture. It radiates power and elegance.”

Her sculptures show the beauty of the everyday life. It is important for her that the sculptures are displayed in a realistic manner. This way she attempts to take you with her to the story behind the scupture.

Ida also works in commision.

In addition to private individuals, business customers, including the municipality of Rotterdam, are now part of its clientele.

We hope you will enjoy her sculptures!

With the Major of Wageningen
Working on “To the next step”

Golden Teddybear comisssioned by the municipality of Rotterdam as a Film Festival award